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Be in Joy!

Be in Joy! Sirian Councils of Light through Ray Dawn

Hello to you! We are the Sirian Councils of Light, and we wish to bring tidings of joy to each of your hearts, to allow each of you to come into resonance with your home — the home that is inside of you. To be at home is the task at hand — to be at home within your own being and to reside at the frequency of delight in your own expression and joy.

This joy is also the time that is emerging and is here to enlarge your perception of how to be in a joyful way more often in your personal experiences. Yes, joyfulness! This is a great theme for each of you to relish in: "What is my joy? What is my expression? Am I allowing myself to feel joyful no matter what the occasion is?"

Quite frankly, you all need more occasions to be joyful and we ask you to play with that. Is it proper etiquette in the human world to be joyful right now? Would this cause controversy? Can you be joyful in the face of heartbreak or in the face of worldly affairs that are not deemed joyful at this time? Think and ponder on these things, for each of you is be-ing called to allow more joyful occurrences and your most joyful natures to unwind here into this reality at this time. To do so is the task at hand as this frequency shift is full throttle.