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The Angelic Orders of the Cosmos

The Angelic Orders of the Cosmos Almine

There are two very compelling reasons why we have had only a very elementary grasp of the scope of the angels of the cosmos, and why what we believe we may know could be completely obsolete:

  1. The cosmos cannot be grasped as only the physical part that we can see. There are nine parallel realities that are very similar to the structure of an evolved being' s DNA. Many angelic orders reside in these parallel realities. As the angelic realms are studied, they cannot be dismissed any more than we can dismiss someone' s soul as irrelevant.
  2. The cosmos is an evolving being, just as we are, and as it evolves into the equivalent of its godhood, changes in the angelic kingdom are inevitable. The god kingdom is an evolutionary stage all beings may at-tain. Changes in the cosmos have necessitated the advent of 1,440 angel gods. Angels have held the cardinal points of light of the cosmic structure. When it changes or evolves, so do they.