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You Are Ever Flowing

You Are Ever Flowing Archangel Michael through Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Welcome, my beautiful beings of light. You are ever flowing and constantly evolving. My beloveds, what you were yesterday does not match what you are today, and tomorrow won't resemble what you sense you are now. You are like the mythical butterfly constantly metamorphosing into higher and higher conscious awareness and remembrance.

You Need Daily Clearing

My divine beings of grace, you are learning and remembering in each moment. This evolutionary process brings with it a need to clear and release daily all of the old programming along with the belief systems that no longer apply to or support your highest good. Your angels and spirit guides will be delighted to assist you in daily clearing and requalifying all this energy debris. Simply ask your angels and spirit guides to assist you in clearing each day by saying something like this: "Please clear me now, thank you. And so it is." After they have assisted in the clearing and releasing, ask them to requalify that energy debris back into divine love and light. Just like your physical body that needs to be cleaned and maintained daily, so too your energetic body requires daily maintenance.

When you think about your energetic body, visualize it, if you like, as a large, invisible, egg-shaped energy mass extending out from your physical body in all directions — about nine feet for most humans and into infinity for some highly evolved beings. Also picture this egg-shaped energy mass with many, many colored bands, all representing your history and lineage.