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Which Reality Would You Rather Have?

Which Reality Would You Rather Have? Sage Council through Jonni Gray & Cheryl Rose

We have much to share for you and with you at this time. We come through asking you to feel grace, to feel the gentle pulsations of love in pink waves. Imagine the love coming from the Sage Council, weaving out to your heart in pink waves. We know and feel your sorrow at this time. We wish to comfort you. We are placing our divine wings around you at this time, holding you, rocking you, and stroking your hand. Feel the divine compassion that we have for you now.

Understanding the Physical Realm

There is so much in the physical realm that is not understood. For eons humans in physical form have looked beyond themselves for answers to the physical. Those who are caught in only the reality of the physical cannot understand or find the meaning to things that happen on the planet.

At this time, it may appear to be chaotic with people leaving the planet in dramatic fashion. We need to remind you that this is not new. For as long as the planet has been in existence, people have left in large groups suddenly and with no understanding of why.