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Use the Power of Love

Use the Power of Love The Pleiadians through Abby Isadora Haydon

The fabric of your world is beginning to unravel. Your world is beginning to make some serious changes in the way politics, commerce, and spirituality are structured. It is important that you accept these changes and do not fight them. Allow the emotion of love to permeate your awareness and you will be making a great contribution to transforming your planet.

The purpose of all this change is to make it possible for the heart center to open and for all to feel more love. This is the ultimate goal of all the changes in your world — to feel more love. What could be simpler? Yet it is a very difficult concept for many on your world to grasp. The expansion of your ability to feel is the focal point, the apex of the new frequencies that are impacting your world.

Take Off Your Life Jacket

The old structures that are in place now are not centered on the expression of positive emotion. Repression of feelings is what is taught to you when you are little. You are taught to keep all the feelings inside. This might have been good for keeping order in your world, but many are now realizing that this desire to keep order and control in this way has hindered the ability of your species to progress and evolve. Those who thought that they were doing what was best for you are long gone from the Earth plane. Now you have been left with a structure that does not fit your current needs. It is like wearing a jacket or article of clothing that is now too small or uncomfortable. You must find a new type of garment that will serve you comfortably as you emerge into a new way of life.