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Tools for Balance, Equilibrium, and Well-Being

Tools for Balance, Equilibrium, and Well-Being Archangel Metatron, Archangel Gabriel, and Isis through Elishianne Clark

Hello, dear ones. It is I, Archangel Metatron, your humble friend and cohort. We in the angel realm would like to address an issue many of you are presently having: how to balance your life and time between spiritual matters and the physical worldly matters you must deal with in your daily lives.

How much time is optimally spent in private or group meditation? How much time is best spent communicating with your divine spirit teams, praying, doing service work, and attending spiritual functions or study groups? We realize most of you must work outside the home on someone else's schedule and have children or animals to care for as well. How do you manage it all? I would suggest, my dears, that the answer is very thoughtfully and carefully. As you have observed, time is accelerating. Your days, weeks, and months fly by quickly, do they not? Many of you have a soul plan to fulfill in this lifetime that, if accomplished, entitles you to rest and play for a time on the other side because you will have accomplished the goal of your incarnations. You will know before your current body dies exactly who your eternal self is, know that your agreements and contracts have been fulfilled, and know that there is no purpose in returning to the physical realm except to play and help humanity ascend.

Have you noticed the many challenges and soul setups you have been facing and walking through? Know this: Every potential master tests himself or herself constantly on the road to mastery. There are situations and relationship challenges that the soul utilizes to check and further its own progress in the physical realm. Know it to be so.