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The Stories of Human Experience Become the Journey of the Soul

The Stories of Human Experience Become the Journey of the Soul Dwahl Khul through Catherine Bean Weser

When we look at the nature of an individual human, we would say that it doesn't matter whether that human is male or female, young or old, of this ethnicity or that, this religion or that. There really is a commonality — a unified field of energy that is connected with every single human on the planet — that is a whole picture of that individual, a holographic universe of that individual that we could for the moment simply call the soul.

The Human Body Makes for More Interesting Stories Than the Human Soul

From our perspective, all souls are equal. All universes are infinite. All holograms reflect light, transmit light, and simply are all light. When you look at a human and you look at the human's body, you look at all of those things like gender, size, color, and so forth. You look at all of the components and you see the pattern of creation. When you look at the soul, you simply see what we will call the light, the love, the totality, and the commonality that exists for that particular species.

Stories of human experience seem to be told more about the pieces and parts of the human body than about the soul. If you tell stories about the pieces and parts, you get more components — more interesting, diverse stories. If you tell stories about souls, there is not much you can say. They are all equal, they are all light, they are all whole, they are all complete, they are all loving, and they are all compassionate. They are all of those things that are actually beyond words and are simply pure energy, love, and all of that. So the stories are told about humans' bodies, about the diversity, the differences, the programs, the colors, the patterns, and the possibilities. That is the raw material of the stories that are told.