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A Month of Less Challenging Energies

A Month of Less Challenging Energies Donna Taylor

The big news this month is that after two and a half years, Saturn is changing signs. Many people will feel the shift in energies, and the Librans in particular will be heaving a sigh of relief as they watch Saturn move on to Scorpio. Not that Scorpios need to be nervous — it's just that Librans, as a general rule, don't cope well with the heaviness of Saturn, and they've also had to deal with incredibly heavy transits from Pluto and Uranus. These three planets form the most grueling combination anyone could experience, so Librans should give themselves a pat on the back. In fact, they should do more than that — they should find a most enjoyable way to celebrate the fact that they have gotten through one of the most testing times of their lives.

Scorpios, however, will mainly cope well with the presence of Saturn as he helps them to make constructive and powerful changes to their lives. In fact, even the weary Librans will look back on the past few years and give thanks for some of the life changes that have occurred, as they will have been for their greater good. For all the other signs, there will be an area of life that Saturn will draw their attention to, and they may feel it during October. Remember that Saturn helps us become masters in whichever house or area of life he is traveling through. So it may help the Librans to think that Saturn will help them to become masters of money as he begins his long journey through their house of resources. Likewise, it may help the Geminis to think that they can work toward being masters of their health and well-being, while for Taureans it is time to become masters in the art of relating.

Achieve Mastery in the Areas Saturn Activates

For each sign, I have focused on the presence of Saturn — particularly during the first week, as he changes signs on October 6. Pay particular attention to the life area that Saturn is activating for you and make it your mission to achieve mastery, or at the very least, a significant improvement in this area, and your life will be much easier than if you just let things remain as they are — or worse, believe that you're powerless to change things. The only reason that we struggle under certain planetary transits is that we resist the lessons we need to be learning or the changes that we need to be making. Many people fall foul of Saturn because he is like a tough-love teacher, and if we don't take responsibility for ourselves and our lives, suddenly it seems as though life is against us. So the trick to working with Saturn and reaping his rewards is to first of all put the effort in and to secondly root out any limiting beliefs and any tendencies toward being victims. Taking an empowered positive approach is the key, and the more you can do this, the more rewards you will receive.