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Levels of Self

Levels of Self Vywamus through David K. Miller

Greetings, I'm Vywamus. I'm a soul psychologist. I look at the total soul and the soul mission. I look to understand why you have come to Earth at this time and what soul lessons you are here to learn.

In order to understand your soul lessons, I think that it is important to discuss the nature of you and your soul. You and your soul have been working together. You have had many other lifetimes, and this is not the first time that your soul has created an opportunity for incarnation. This statement has great significance — this means that you have incarnated and had different personalities. You have even lived as a different sex. So, for example, you may have been female in a past lifetime. There are other differences that we can elaborate on. You have had lifetimes in other countries, and some of you have even had lifetimes on other planets.

Your Soul Extends into Other Dimensions

I like to look at the soul and the self this way. Imagine, if you will, an apple pie. Imagine that there are a hundred slices of pie. Each slice represents one incarnation, but each slice has contact with the center of the pie, so imagine that at the center of the pie is a small little circle, and that center represents the soul's essence. Even though you have many lifetimes, each lifetime touches and is influenced by your soul essence. So the flavor of your soul is expressed in each piece of pie or each incarnation. Now, let us talk again about the center of the pie. Imagine that the center of the pie goes straight up like a tube so that your soul essence also goes to other dimensions. This is where it gets more complicated for you. It is hard for you to visualize or to comprehend that you can have other presences in other dimensions. Now, your access to those other dimensions is very limited.