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Emotional Elevation

Emotional Elevation Simion through Amariah Mara

We are Simion, the evolutionary collective. You are all quite aware that human emotions have a wide range of expression. Most of you are aware that some of your emotions are reactions that occur unconsciously and can be dependent on early emotional training or are based on certain events that have impacted your psyche in this lifetime or previous lives. Your soul holds on to emotional imprints through its many lives until it learns that it can control the power of emotional vibrations.

Become Aware of the True Source of Your Emotions

Your emotions are energy forms or energy-motions. The accumulated emotions of all those incarnate as humans through time adds to the emotional energies available to humans all over Earth. You see the power of this when a global event is felt by billions. Global reactions occur every day, whether you are reading the news or not; most people are regularly affected by the emotional trends of your species. You are also affected by the emotional energies of particular cultures or locations in the world. If you live in Iraq, your emotional influences are different than if you reside in Japan, for example. The more you put yourself at the mercy of cultural emotions, the more affected you are by them.

For example, if you watch television programming every day and allow the emotions of these programs to infiltrate your mind, you will be more influenced by these then someone who is spending their time meditating on peace in a mountain cabin. The point in discussing these influences is that you become aware that your emotions may not be yours at all. You may be an emotional regurgitator of environmental factors, including the food you eat. The first step in gaining control of your emotional vibration is to be aware of what is externally influencing them.