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Balancing Your Foundation

Balancing Your Foundation Rhonda Smith

October 2012 (24/6 [22]) It is time to begin preparing the seeds that you will manifest in 2013, the year of sensitivity. These energies may have a familiar feel, since they are the same as January but with an added twist. You'll find that if there is any area of your life that is out of balance, it will appear for you so you can release whatever is causing the imbalance. It may appear in the emotional areas of your life as you move even further to bring your emotions into balance and allow them to join with your feelings. You have the energies of the spiritual master builder to assist you in this process. Your goal for this month is to take the information about truth from your deep inner knowing and enhance your already existing sense of order within — your foundation.

October 1 to October 6, 2012 (21/3)

This week is about using your creative energies to achieve inner peace. Part of this will be about examining your concept of friendship and who your friends really are. We will build the future by gathering together in groups with a purpose. Those groups will be supported by truth and trust among the members. These energies will support your creation as you express your ideas for the expansion and growth of all concerned.

You begin with the energies of the mystic, the being who is able to blend the mystical with the mundane, so begin to realize that spirit and physical are connected and that the purpose is to manifest the higher ideals of spirit into your physical. The universe figures you have this one, so the next day is all about manifesting the abundance that blending brings. Let go of any limiting doubts in your ability to be you and manifest away. Next is a day of following your guidance to serve humanity without being a martyr, so use all the rewards of past achievements that are shown to you to make a difference, large or small — because it all counts. You then turn to a day of clarifying and crystallizing your desires for justice in all your interactions before you move on to the next step, so use your imagination to both clarify and energize those desires so they manifest. A day of possible intensity is presented by the master messenger, so stay awake and aware as messages from your spirit are everywhere to assist you to bring balance to all dimensions of yourself.