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You're in the Pullback

You're in the Pullback The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from home. We tell you this day there is a change in your vibrational status, dear ones. We have said this before and have watched as humanity has risen to a new level and worked very hard to acclimate to that level, only to become comfortable for a moment and take another step. We have seen the struggles, the challenges, the emotions that many of you have gone through as you have acclimated into these new energies. We wish to share with you what to look for, especially in the remainder of this year, for there is much energy that is on schedule to change now.

If you have a big rope, fashion a whip out of it and strike the air. It creates a wave that in turn creates a larger wave that goes out into the universe. There are highs and lows of that wave, but that is necessary to bring the new energy in. Many times you feel lost here on Earth. When you arrive from home, you cannot re-member who you are because it seems as if everything has been taken from you. You have to begin looking at who you really are instead of who you were pretending to be.

Most people walking on this planet have a level of integrity that they have adhered to during the game. Sometimes you adhere too much to your integrity because you are constantly trying to be the same person you were before. We tell you, dear ones, this stops and blocks your change, because it does not allow you to go outside of the norm or to be flexible and fluid.