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You Have to Be Conscious Now— Be in the Present

You Have to Be Conscious Now— Be in the Present Isis through Robert Shapiro

All right, this is Isis. Now, this is just a reminder that you are moving through what feels like a minefield at times, but that is because you are literally changing your way of doing everything.

You’ve been doing things by thought and mostly by the prompting of others, and except for the very young and those who are trained in various ways, instinct has largely been put to the side.

Instinct is something that is rooted in your physical feelings and is also beyond your physical feelings to a perimeter that varies around your body, given how far your auric field has stretched out. So it’s your physical feelings and your energy body.

Now, I bring that up because a factor of your natural existence is something called vertical memory. This means that you can recall something—something that comes either from your own experience or from the experience of others—that is a proven fact and can be utilized as wisdom because it works in your life. That’s vertical memory. Another term for that is vertical wisdom, and you’re easing into that again because that’s what you do in spirit. Until recently, you’ve been using linear memory for your experience in this dimension that you’re living in, roughly the third to . . . [chuckles] right now you’re about in the 3.5 dimension, if there was one—to give you an idea.