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You Are Divine Essence Taking Form

You Are Divine Essence Taking Form Expanded Conciousness through Miriandra Rota

Greetings, beloved beings! It is our great pleasure to speak with you in this manner once again. And we will be speaking on the topic of the change occurring right now and the nature of that change.

Many are looking to the future to see what changes will occur. And while this is a natural inclination—especially given the many predictions and suppositions out there—the truth remains that you are always residing in this present moment. And you are always receiving the highest and best for your journey according to your beliefs and the patterns and frequencies that continue to reside as the filter between your divine expression and the remnants of survival. Perhaps you will receive those words again and allow them to enter your being, for it is this topic we will discuss for the benefit of your being.

Experience More of Who You Really Are Right in This Moment

As you have awakened, you have recognized within yourselves certain manners, certain seeming truths that served you well while you were residing within survival and certain interpretations of external manifestations of those beliefs. You began to clear from your being the residue of the past. And for this action, we congratulate you!