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World Servers, Stand Between Your History and the Mystery

World Servers, Stand Between Your History and the Mystery Dwhal Khul through Catherine Weser

You are all world servers! As you have come into this incarnation, this time, and this physical body, you have come here purposefully. It is not as important that you have a definition or a clear description of what that so-called purpose is as it is for you to maintain a sense of being purposeful in all the actions that you take. From our perspective, when you create a picture or description of what a purpose might be, you often become fixed on evaluating yourself against that supposed or perceived picture. This can set you into continued evaluation in which you find yourself to be less than truly loved and unconditionally accepted.

Letting Go of Old Ways and Embracing the Love at Your Core

What you are here in this lifetime to do is experience the great love that is your being. You are here to do that in a great many ways, not just in one way. You are also here to experience love through all the creative endeavors that you might choose to participate in. We suggest that the divine essence that lies within you is highly creative, highly inspiring, and will have impact on many other individuals with whom you will come into contact within this particular incarnation.

You are destined to have a very broad and profound impact. You are destined to have access to individuals in several realms, many of whom are as inspiring and as divinely guided as you are. This is a very important part of the whole way in which your life will move and unfold for you because we see you moving into different realms and existences that not many can enter.