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Traveling the Ancient Streams of Healing

Traveling the Ancient Streams of Healing Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

If you have only some of what you want, lean into the self and feel the presence of the great magic that is within you and you can have everything you want. The opportunity for profound change lies within your ability to travel the streams of light, an ability that has always been available to you.

Fifty thousand years ago, the Creator in its infinite wisdom manifested its particles in human form to inhabit Lemuria. The Elven, some of the most powerful healers in existence, were the first humans in Lemuria and they brought the art of traveling the streams of light onto the Earth plane.

In Lemuria, the whales traveled the streams of light but gave up their greatest gift by walking from the ocean onto the Earth to become upright, walking breathers of light. The whales did not do well on land because they had given up so much of their freedom. They tried talking to the human element, who were so shocked and unaware of how to deal with them that the whale energies stopped talking and eventually went back into the oceans, but not before leaving some of their particles in the human world. Those particles are manifest in the essence of the beautiful and loving Down syndrome children, who travel the streams of light like the whales. That’s why you often see these children staring off into space. They have a love inside them brighter than most of you will ever experience, and they came here to share it and make you happy again. That is the briefest of histories concerning the origin of traveling the streams of light.