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The Time is Ripe for New Beginnings

The Time is Ripe for New Beginnings Donna Taylor

This month begins with a cluster of planetary bodies in Libra— the Sun, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury all turn their attention toward matters of balance, justice, harmony, and relating. These are the themes that might present themselves in our lives, and if we’re prepared to direct our attention toward them, the results should be beneficial. If, for example, our lives are currently a little on the chaotic side and we could do with more balance and harmony—and we’re willing to look seriously at how to bring more peace into our lives—the planets will do their best to help us out.

If our relationships are in need of some fine-tuning or if we would appreciate more romance in our world, we should turn our attention toward this and we will be granted possibilities in which to make this happen. These planets in Libra are a good balance to the indulgent, selfish, and destabilising effects of Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Leo, and Uranus in Aries. Perhaps it’s time for all of us to take stock after what has thus far been a year of much change and unexpected developments. Of course, change is often necessary. Without it, we would all stagnate. Sometimes change is there to help us learn a lesson. But every now and again we need a breather, and October offers us the chance for just that.

Engage in Your Dreams and Follow Through with Actions toward Their Manifestation Now

The first few days of the month, however, may lure us away from a calm and balanced lifestyle as Mars squares up to Jupiter creating a temptation to throw caution to the wind in particular areas of our lives. These two planets are not known for their moderation or their caution, and those with the sign of Leo and Taurus in particular may need to keep watchful eyes on their drinking, eating, and spending habits. Saturn’s conjunction to Venus implies the need for caution in such matters, so it might be prudent to think before you act around October 1 and October 2 of the month.