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Our Divine Role as Earth Stewards

Our Divine Role as Earth Stewards Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Today, dear ones, I would like to talk about your changing role as stewards of this beautiful planet. It is true that consciousness is rising to the point where solutions will soon manifest that will allow the great pollutions to cease, and humans will become more in tune and balanced with the energies of Earth. The primary issue in preventing this, my beloveds, is that you do not yet see yourselves for who you really are. You do not believe that you are the unconditional love of the Creator—but you are.

Every piece of you, down to the DNA particles, reflects the love of God. It reflects you, dear ones. As you come to truly feel into your own divinity, as you learn to allow your heart to open as a healing balm for all of your own fears and pains, the heart of humankind will respond with great love, and the angels will smile upon you as the creators of a new and beautiful Earth.

Yes, there will continue to be wars and skirmishes around the world. People will still try to use force to compel others to bend to their wills, but this energy will not be supported for long, for it is time for unity to return to our experience. It is time for all humans to open their sacred hearts and begin to know that you—every human on the plane—are equal pieces of the Creator, capable of bringing great light and balance to the darkness that has shrouded your experiences on this Earth.