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Let the Circle Be Complete

Let the Circle Be Complete The Pegasians through Ray Dawn

Hello to you. We speak to you in kind; in the kindest of ways, we meet you. We are the Pegasians, and we come to be with you in this way, at this time, and in this moment of your being to speak to you of the ways of the heart and of the how’s to that awareness, for we want agreements with you in aligning with the highest and wisest parts of yourself, the overlight awareness that is your totality of being. We come in this moment to align with that awareness within you and to bring that awareness into your conscious mind.

We would like to reiterate our awareness meeting yours in a harmony of resonance that is of equality and adjustments. We speak in this way to show the alignment of circles, the circles within your being, for you are an overlay of circles within circles, and where the circles meet is the overlay, the awareness, of the one meeting with the other. This awareness and overlay is coming more into your awareness of who you are, what you are made of, and what reality you are in. It seems “in” more often than not, but you are much more than just this awareness.

So we would like to speak to you in kind, in a way of kindness and caring—caring of your nature, of your soul and of your journey. We also have the awareness of the mind, of the physical. The mind and the soul, these two are joining into a oneness of being. This is the circle within circles, and all is coming to this awareness, for it is the nature or fabric of life.