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Humanity Unifies As You Each Walk Your Individual Paths

Humanity Unifies As You Each Walk Your Individual Paths Delphina through Asandra

Greetings and welcome, blessed souls. I am called Delphina, as in one who is from Delphi, the renowned center of oracular wisdom. I am here to speak with you today of the wisdom and understanding that are now being set forth for human consciousness to embrace. This time that is before you is that of the great awakening. Human beings have been wandering your planet for many epochs, often unaware of their true nature, yet the desire to set forth this truth is a call within humanity that is far greater than at any other time in history.

This is the time when the portal of truth is opening before you. Everything in your outer reality is impelling you to focus your attention on the inner life. There is mass confusion in the world around you at a level that has never been known before. Yes, it is true that many civilizations have come and gone. What is different now is the collective awareness of all cultures and societies that technology and new media have made apparent. This is an indication that the shift of consciousness is taking place en masse.

You Must Have the Motivation to Reach beyond the Mundane

Naturally, there is a great variation in the dynamics of awakening around the planet. Some souls are ready to embrace the new consciousness and stand on the platform of the new. Some are not yet aware, and others are just beginning to rouse from the slumber of not knowing. Those who have prepared for many incarnations, however, are cognizant of the fact that there is nothing more relevant in life than the necessity to awaken. These awakening souls know that the Earth plane life is a gateway to a greater consciousness. Although one can certainly enjoy life as a human being, appreciating the beauty of creation, the transient nature of existence, is never forgotten.