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Embrace Your Divine Destiny

Embrace Your Divine Destiny Michelle Karen

Jupiter is still retrograde this whole month until December 25 between 8°44’ and 5°01’ Taurus. These degrees are symbolized in the Sabian symbols by “a cantilever bridge across a deep gorge” and “the woman of Samaria at the ancestral well” and “a sleigh on land uncovered by snow” and “a fully decorated Christmas tree.” Jupiter in Taurus asks us to have a practical approach to material resources and apply our philosophical ideas to our daily lives. It also reveals how we can multiply our income and create more abundance for ourselves.

The advantage of a cantilever bridge is that it only needs to be supported on one end. And the woman of Samaria who lived from her heart and was thus rejected by society for having been married several times before living out of wedlock was also the one in the Bible who Christ chose to reveal his true identity to, offering her the living waters of spirit, thanks to which she would never again be thirsty. As we live in integrity with our hearts’ desires and celebrate the sacredness of life, any possible hardship won’t be a challenge and will be met with grace. Even if it seems that we have little support when having to cross the void, we shall reach the other side safely. These degrees suggest that if we follow our hearts, money will come to us.

Uranus is still retrograde until December 9 between 2°22’ and 1°17’ Aries. These degrees are represented in the Sabian symbols by “a comedian reveals human nature” and “the cameo profile of a man, suggesting the shape of his country.” Uranus in Aries is prompting us to become free to be all that we are. This month, we are asked to really look at ourselves and transform within us what is keeping us from our highest destinies. We also need to be clear about what we identify with, because what we focus on, we become.