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The Cows Are Leaving Earth

The Cows Are Leaving Earth ET Visitor to Cows through Robert Shapiro

All right. I’m just going to refer to us as “cows” because that’s how you know us, although you understand I am speaking from the ship or vehicle that you call a UFO. Now, there are reasons why cows must leave your planet. Certainly, we have reasons of our own, and I will elaborate on that a bit more as I go on here. One of the reasons for you is that we as a species are meant to nurture the human being. Oh, we are meant to have lives a little more prosperous than the ones we have on the planet, but we are, for the most part, there to nurture you.

Now what is happening, because of the way cows are being slaughtered, is that there is so much fear and so much terror associated with the process of the killing—even before cows go to slaughter, even dairy cows, all cows know that someday they will go there. That is why they will often look at people nervously—but you’ll notice it’s not with hostility. With bulls there might be suspicion, but speaking of dairy cows, there is a certain fear there, and that is caused partially by a lack of understanding by humans considering the great sacrifices we make that you might be happy and be nourished.

I am not here to make you feel guilty. I need to say these things so you understand one of the reasons we must leave. What is happening, then, is that all dairy products—referring to only that which comes from cows and is synthesized, one way or another, from milk—all these things are laced with that fear, and no matter how much processing you do, it cannot be eliminated. So even though children drink milk, of course, and on the level of what’s good for you, it’s good for you, but there’s also that fear, that anxiety that is consumed along with the milk.