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Cow Fear and Anxiety Is Passed on Even through Dairy Products

Cow Fear and Anxiety Is Passed on Even through Dairy Products Zoosh, Isis, and Grandfather Speaking as a Joined Energy through Robert Shapiro

Next time you might hear from another speaker of the Cow people. They might want to talk a little bit more about what’s going on on the planet and how all dairy products that come from cows would benefit by those who are working with transformation. Because dairy products—as they are right now—and beef have a tendency to pass on the fear that the cow goes through when being controlled and/or butchered at the end by the human being.

So there is always this anxiety. That is why you don’t read in the old books about anxiety. You read about now, not only because there’s a word for it in English, but you read about it because people feel it more. There are more people; there need to be more cows to feed and comfort the people, and you use so much of their bodies—the skin, everything.

So until cows are treated with much greater kindness and gentleness so that their sacrifice is fully appreciated and their support for you is fully appreciated, until that happens, then cows will continue to cease to be on the planet. There is some small hope, even though cows have decided to go home and not reincarnate indefinitely here: There is some small hope that a major change in the way they are treated and allowed to interact with more people on a loving basis—thus meaning children, all right?—then things could get better.