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Clarify Your Desires for the Future

Clarify Your Desires for the Future Rhonda Smith

October 2011 (23/5) marks the beginning of the last quarter of 2011 where you begin, from this new point of clarity about you, to visualize and crystallize what you wish to manifest in the transition year of 2012. This is the vibration of adventure and change from your point of security, which includes heightened intuitive abilities. The goal this month is to embrace adventure, change, and spontaneity by using your quick perceptions and “higher” connection to create your world your way.

October 1, 2011 (24/6 [22])

You begin this first month of the period of creation for 2012 with a day that pushes you to make sure you have an underlying organized foundation within. To assist you in this inner inventory, you have the energies that will increase your sensitivity to what lies within as well as the master energies of the spiritual builder on the physical plane.

Be aware of your dreams, because you will be able to gain much information from them as well as from your intuition. Be prepared to take responsibility for bringing things into harmony within, because when your inner world is in balance, your outer world will be the same. Your goal for today is to be sure that you are standing on a firm, organized, inner foundation before you move forward to create what you wish to manifest in 2012.