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Wholeness Ruth Evelyn

So much is misunderstood about wholeness in the walk of truth. It is no wonder we often find ourselves in pieces again and again and yet again. When I first considered wholeness in the context of the spiritual journey, I was rather defiant about it. I was more focused on its definition as not broken, damaged, or impaired. My life was in pieces, and my trek toward wholeness was taken up by the warrior in me. My defensive and offensive stance had me dancing around the edges of inner truth as I stood my post in protection of me. It's an exhausting way to live.

We think of wholeness as having the right job, the happy relationship within a family unit, good friends, and health. We consider wholeness in terms of a well-balanced life of personal and professional congruency, with a generous sprinkling of play and entertainment. We even look within and consider our connection with our higher self as being our wholeness.