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Three Secrets of Gold

Three Secrets of Gold Jerhoam through John Oliver

The secrets of gold cannot be separated from life, just as life cannot be separated from all of existence and all that is God consciousness. The moment that gold is attributed to a special category, you will then believe you need to do special things to obtain it. If, however, the seeking of gold becomes natural and flows as a part of existence, then you will only need to live in accordance with what has been called in ancient times "natural law."

Before you read any further, we ask you to sit quietly and contemplate this statement for a moment of time: "I am my greatest savior." Know that you do not need saving, but if you are to have a savior, let it be that you are your greatest one. Say to yourself: "I am my greatest financial hope." For those of you who find this strikes a chord of bad news, breathe deeply and know that it is good news, because the moment that you become your greatest hope for anything, you kindle the fires within you to allow that which is the inner world to rise and become the outer world. When the inner world becomes the outer world, it reflects back to you in physical density. It reflects what it is that you desire to create according to what you have held in your consciousness.