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Stepping into the Unknown

Stepping into the Unknown The Master through Kathleen Mulligan

Much of your life is spent worrying about tomorrow, but the important part of your life has to do with today—in this moment and in this reality. Stepping into the unknown allows us to see where we are. Do you trust? Are you aware of the presence within you? Much of the unknown is waiting to be revealed to you by going deep within. It is only by going within that you will see the vaster picture of the universe.

Take a moment and breathe. Allow the divine to pour its light upon you. As you are showered in the light, remember who you are. Know that you are God. Love is the answer, but what is the question? Be still and know that you are God. In order to celebrate who you truly are, you must be still and honor the depths of your soul. Only then can you cherish life from an all-new perspective. Be still and know you are God!