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The Secret of the Expanding Universe: Harmonic Resonance

The Secret of the Expanding Universe: Harmonic Resonance The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from home, dear ones. Time is moving very, very quickly, for you are starting to experience new perceptions all around you. You are beginning to change your perceptions because of your heightened view. We wish to share with you this day what this view is like and what you will be experiencing with your energetic and physical bodies as Earth changes.

First, let us speak of the universe as a whole, for there is a very interesting thing that is taking place right now. Many of you and your scientists believe Earth began at the big bang. The reason it is called the big bang is that there was a central location point from which everything expanded in all directions. It is very easy for your scientists to measure that and to see what happened. We tell you it was not a big bang, but instead it was a breakthrough between one dimension and another that created something very magical. This has happened several times throughout the history of the universe, but in your dimension you have perceived only one of these events.