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Sacred Union on 10-10-10

Sacred Union on 10-10-10 Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

It is I, Kuthumi, who greets you at this wondrous time on Earth. October is a month of great celebration, a time long awaited and prepared for. In the eclipses of June and July you began the preparation with great intent. Those who were sleeping were awakened. The lunar eclipse of June began a deep clearing of the emotional body. That which was hidden was brought to the light to be seen, understood and released. For many of you, this took time. Those who experienced a fast release had already undertaken much work on their higher chakra systems and their lightbodies, so they were able to transmute any remaining debris from the emotional body. You see, we have no linear time here, and the clearing involved your higher energy centers, which also do not operate in your linear time. Emotional clearing can be conducted very quickly when working with a higher vibrational energy.

I say to you, do not worry if you are not yet at that level of understanding, if you are not experiencing instant clearing. Merely aspire to it. Seek to learn, to understand, to expand your consciousness further regarding this emotional phase that is linked to your feeling center—the heart. At the same time, your soul pushes forward through the higher self to clear, release and let go of the old debris you have carried from lifetime to lifetime. Like the tortoise, the weight on your back slows your movement more and more. If you have felt weighed down, then I urge you to pause, to be still, to go within and ask to be shown that which no longer serves your higher purpose. Try to be still; clear the mind of chatter in order to be shown. This will accelerate your movement forward.