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A New Body in a New Unknown: Love's Mysterious Particle Cell

A New Body in a New Unknown: Love's Mysterious Particle Cell The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Cosmic beings, you remain in the experience of a new cycle in the unknown, realizing that the embryo becomes the mature cell and the mature cell particle returns to a more conscious embryo—the creator and its children are the same. This allows time-carrying life cycles to evolve and positions to interchange, allowing the child to become more evolved than her creator. Today, the heart of the ancient of days makes conscious living passage in your cells as voices that sing joyous tears in reentry through the unknown core spiral of the continuum. You have rediscovered new attributes and qualities of love within the mysteries of your own presence.

Celebrate that humanity will find all needed solutions from your maturity as you stabilize your orb such that planetary and cosmic ascension happen simultaneously. This is simply the return memory to Source/Sun origin, where ascension and descension merge into a new cosmic cell embryo and the ether worlds and the physical again meet. As the spiral turns its egg inside out, new oversoul groups incarnate from higher dimensions, and lower density oversoul groups return for their next existence. You have experienced this changing of the guard before in various universal dimensional cycles, and you have attributed many miracles and mysteries to the memory of being unseen by those of lower density as you recycle into realities of the expression of multiplicity.