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Intervention, Interruption, and Redirection

Intervention, Interruption, and Redirection Stephanie Clement

Venus retrogrades this month, an event that will not occur again until May of 2012. After nearing the middle of Scorpio, Venus now retreats all the way back into Libra. When Venus appears to move backward, we have a few days when balance pervades the world. At the same time, we know the feeling is temporary because Venus will soon move forward again. Therefore we need to take advantage of the moment and practice appreciation of relationships of all kinds.

Another major effect of Venus retrograde is that we get to review knowledge we have recently acquired. Our daily lives depend on concrete data. We review logic and reason when Venus retraces her steps to determine if we have decided wisely. At night when we sleep, we depend on a different kind of reason: Dream logic can sometimes be shocking! On examination, though, most dreams reveal a logic all their own. Remember, the more you resist a dream message, the more intense the message may become. Once you get the concept, your dreams can become more similar to daily experience. In fact, sometimes dreams seem so real that you can confuse them with fact! When Venus moves forward again, this type of confusion gets resolved.