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Integrate Your Physical And Spiritual Lives

Integrate Your Physical And Spiritual Lives Michelle Karen

Venus turns retrograde on October 8 (until November 17) between 13°13' and 4°19' Scorpio. This event gives us five weeks to re-create passion in our lives. An intense love affair could return from the past, or the flame in an existing relationship could be rekindled. We do not wish to live our emotions at a surface level. We seek the intensity of true love and true passion in every aspect of our lives in order to feel fully present and happy.

Jupiter continues to be retrograde this whole month (until November 17, 2010) between 27°07' and 24°05' Pisces. The pictures associated with these degrees are respectively: "a fertile garden under the full moon," "a harvest moon illuminates the sky," "a new moon reveals that it's time for people to go ahead with their different projects," and "the purging of the priesthood." This is an extraordinary month during which we become very aware of our inner powers and total mastery of our own lives. Big organization and corporations gradually reveal their lies and, one by one, break down because of their corruption.