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The Importance of Being a Way-Shower

The Importance of Being a Way-Shower The Energy of Edgar Cayce through Bente Hansen

Greetings. I feel among you a lively curiosity, and at the same time there is a willingness and an openness within you. This is an indication that you are receptive. You are more than idly curious; you are receptive. You are receptive to new possibilities. You are receptive to expanding your knowledge, your understanding, and your awareness that there is more to reality than that which has been defined for you by the society in which you live. Each of you in your own way has been seeking deeper meaning. You have questioned at length the reason for your very existence. You have sought to know your life purpose. It is not an easy journey. It never has been easy, for the soul is constantly yearning and striving to know more and to evolve. And so it is, that in your seeking, you are delving beneath the knowledge and the understanding that you possess at both the conscious and subconscious levels. You are being fueled—fueled by the thirst and hunger of your soul. That is a good sign. It is positive, for it indicates that on the deep level you have let go of many of the trappings of your society and of the civilization in which you live.

In some ways, you feel different from many of those who are near and dear to you. You have wondered why it is that there is this difference—why you don't always fit in, so to speak. Your endeavors to be the same as others have not been successful, and all for good reason. From a very early age, as you became aware of your differences, you connected in a heartfelt manner with those from beyond the veil, and that connection with those from beyond the veil has never dimmed. At times that connection may have felt tenuous. In your conscious mind you may even have thought that it no longer existed. It has always been there. This connection has supported you through life's challenges, through your questing and seeking. It has provided solace, comfort, and insight when you have sought it. It has been there during your times of stress, trial, and tribulation. Your connection with those beyond the veil is not tenuous—not anymore. It is deep, it is strong, and it is heartfelt.