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Ideas to Balance Polarity

Ideas to Balance Polarity Rhonda Smith

October [22] begins the last quarter of this year, which is a time for setting the energies of 2011 [22] [11]. This will have intense underlying energies; however, not as intense as January 2010 with its two master vibrations. Since you completed yourself last month, you really don't need the 11 to keep you connected; you're there all the time. Let your mind expand and think in large sweeping terms of what can be for all of humanity.

Make sure to keep balanced this month. Although you may feel this is really hard to accomplish, just do the work one step at a time and you won't overdo. There may be what feel like restrictions in your life, but keep in mind that they are there to help you build a firm foundation for the future. The goal is to be the master of the male-female polarity within by bringing that flow into balance.