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Finding Balance and Contentment during Times of Change

Finding Balance and Contentment during Times of Change Archangel Raphael with St. Germaine through Athene Raefiel

Archangel Raphael has been a major teacher and influence to me in this incarnation for over twenty years. He works with all of humanity who need and call on him, and he is the keeper and healer of the emerald flame and emerald ray. He works closely with the ascended master Kuthumi as well as with St. Germaine, who is keeper of the violet flame of transformation.

The message we bring today is one of hope and understanding. We are well aware of the gaps in dimensional time and energy that are causing so many conflicts within all facets of life now happening. We ask you to truly be patient with the process of massive change now occurring. So many of you feel as if you have moved into your own insanity as well as into the nervous breakdown of your world as a whole. Yet the light can and must come out of the chaos and loving memory in order to rebuild and start again.