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Dwelling On It Is Dwelling In It!

Dwelling On It Is Dwelling In It! Sarrinn with St. Germaine through Daniele DeVoe

Dear lightworkers, we bid you much love and light, and we thank you for the love and light you offer us and the universe too. You have worked to gather experience and create growth so well, so successfully, and so sincerely for so long—years, decades, even lifetimes—and with your wondrous efforts, you have truly expanded the knowledge and experience of the divine. Outrageous!

We work quite often lately to remind humanity that all is well, that the universe is succeeding and continuing, and that Gaia is ascending and Source is growing. Our question to you is: Do you think about these things? Do you contemplate them and imagine ways to grow and nurture them—even to move them beyond imagination? Where do your thoughts dwell?