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Ascension: The Part You Play

Ascension: The Part You Play The Beloved through Kenton David Bell

Good afternoon. We are the Beloved and, my dear ones, so are you. Here we are today, together again, here at this time of great change and remembrance on this planet. Some of you coined the term "ascension" to describe the time that is now occurring. At times there is some confusion as to the true nature of this process, the ascension of the planet and its people—the human race upon this planet—both of which are happening simultaneously. It is not humanity ascending and then the planet following, or the planet ascending and then humanity following. It is a relationship that is ascending, that is changing.

Ascension doesn't necessarily mean going somewhere, going upward. What it really means is a shift in consciousness into that which is more your true nature—finding your way home, you might say. Ascension is the process of remembering who you are in a fuller way than what you knew previously. Now, it doesn't mean you're going to remember fully who you are, you see, because that will take some time still. As far as humanity goes, humans are still pretty much in their infancy—maybe, just maybe, barely out of infancy.