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You Will Decide How Change Comes to Pass in 2023

You Will Decide How Change Comes to Pass in 2023 Nakia the Rainbow Serpent through Maria Yracébûrû

To many, it may seem that change in your world will never occur. You have lost many loved ones and friends. Leaders have proven to be diabolical, and there is no sign of peace anywhere in the evening news. Yet when you lie down at night and fall asleep, your guides watch over you, gazing at your innocence in the scheme of the eternal plan, desiring so strongly to relieve you of your suffering that we cannot help but extend our essence and touch you in reassuring silence.

Leaders have been pushed by the philosophies that once birthed civilizations but that no longer serve the greater good. You have a choice to do what you want, follow who you will follow, or lead with your hearts. When you are done, a journey of peace will be the truth of your existence. A decision is all that it takes — a decision to listen to others from a place within your hearts, to act only in life-affirming ways no matter who may agree or disagree with this philosophy, and to extend your hand to assist those torn apart by internal struggle over the deception they have experienced.