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You Are the Guides and the Guardians

You Are the Guides and the Guardians The Pleiadians through Anara WhiteBear

We see you for who you are. We see you in the continuation of Source and love. We see you in your confusion and in your understanding. Do you see yourselves? Do you see yourselves as we see you — as strong and powerful and courageous — or do you see yourselves as victims? We do not see you as victims but rather as creator beings who are forgetting that you are creator beings. And it frustrates us in our awareness of you, for we consider you to be powerful beings in the universe. We consider you our guides and guardians. How does it feel to know that we consider you this way?

How are you doing with being the guides and guardians of other beings? You have forgotten your strength. You have forgotten that you are creating the reality you live in and that as you create that reality, you send it out into the universe so that we experience what you have created. You have forgotten that you are guardians of all the energies that come into you. You say, “I have astrology,” but you have forgotten that you are the astrology. What do the stars do for you? The stars exist for you. They are there for you, and you are there for them. It is not a codependent relationship in the same way that your lives on Earth are. At this time, it is an ecosystem. You experience the stars, and the stars experience you. And the beings all around you experience you.