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A Year of Surprising Ease

A Year of Surprising Ease Lightbeings through Sara Wiseman

Yes, this is a time of hope. We’ve reached a turning point due to the efforts of all souls on Gaia. The collective has experienced the extreme discomfort of accelerated awakening. In 2023, what lies before you is much better than what you expected. You will enter a new dimension, and everything will be different. There’s no going back, and who would want to? The future unfolds splendidly before you.

You’ve lifted up a notch. By you, we mean you personally and the collective, for everything is always occurring in oneness: Nothing happens on its own. Everything is instantaneous, interconnected, and now happening in all dimensions at once. Your continued opening into this new understanding is your salvation. It is why there is hope in this future, even if you don’t believe it yet. Breathe. Trust that you have arrived in a new world.