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The Year of Divine Connections

The Year of Divine Connections The Collective Soul Consciousness through Carolyn Gervais

You are about to enter a year energized by the number 7. Seven is the number of spiritual seeking, of always looking for the divine connections between the seen and the unseen. Seven is the number of the metaphysical student of life. In the year 2023, you are being called to know yourself and life in the deepest way possible.

At this juncture in your history, it is important for you to take the time to contemplate, study, and meditate on what true intelligence is. Understanding the deepest definition of human intelligence can become a guide to God intelligence, which is the personification of unconditional love for all creation, because All is connected by the conscious energy that creates All. In reality, you are family to every other person on Earth because of the conscious energy of the One Creative Intelligence that connects and extends beyond the planets and stars in every galaxy in the cosmos