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Synergy Is Part of the Ascension Path

Synergy Is Part of the Ascension Path Serapis Bey and Chief Big Bear and St. Germain through Saryon Michael White

Saryon: Last year, Chief Big Bear spoke of a cosmic wind starting to blow over Earth that would begin resurrecting a layer of connective energy in the human aura, making it easier for us to blend energies with our guides and animal spirits. Now this is opening new levels of synergy between beings, which is a key element of the planetary ascension process that precedes the coming of the second wind. Mastering the dynamics of the new synergy in groups and relationships will shape the evolution of consciousness and the emergence of a new spiritual culture on Earth.

Serapis Bey: The word “ascension” is becoming more and more a buzzword. There is increasing talk about what ascension is, where it may go, and what it means for the planet to go through an ascension process. Most of these conversations and teachings are characterized by a vision that, to say the least, is a bit ahead of where things are now. From time to time, I like to use other words that are perhaps more relevant and meaningful to where you are in this great process of ascension and awakening.