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The Secret Wisdom of Animals

The Secret Wisdom of Animals Kim Malonie

Captain Nemo’s mom: My cat Captain Nemo is an indoor-outdoor cat. We live in the country, and there are many dangers at night. He is well aware of this. Each time before he goes out, I make sure to tell him to be careful of everything, stay around the house, don’t go too far, and be home before dark. I know he understands me because he stands at the door and turns around and listens. I know he’s thinking to himself, “Yes, Mom, I know, but sometimes I need reminding.” I always call him to come in before dark, around supper time.

One night not long ago, Captain Nemo didn’t come in until 11 o’clock. I was out in the car, driving around, calling his name, and shaking his treat jar. He was nowhere to be seen or found. Telepathically, I asked him where he was, but I got no response from him, which was very unusual. At that point, I asked Archangel Michael to pick him up physically and bring him home and put him on the deck. Three minutes later, Captain Nemo was sitting there looking stunned, as if he had been just placed there. I want to know where he was and why he didn’t come home or answer me when I called him. I was completely ill at ease with worry.