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The Realities, Here and Beyond

The Realities, Here and Beyond Sophia and the Council of Nine through Blanca Beyar

As you continue to embark on this incredible journey of self-realization, those of you in the collective who have taken steps toward higher ascension are in for a wonderful joy ride. The unprecedented streams and influx of quantum energies have facilitated the acceleration of the new human to proceed to the fifth dimension and beyond. At this juncture, realities become clearer and better defined as the new consciousness begins to evolve and operate in the new paradigm of intention, manifestation, and purpose.

The new paradigm is a vibrational field that extends to quantum and physical dynamics of existence. This means that as you propel in your awakening, new realities will surface within the fields for you to explore and with which you can coexist. The fruition of what you experience in your current and new realities will happen according to your plane of existence. No matter what might unfold in lower paradigm realities, as an awakened, sentient being, you will be able to engage and participate in new realities and continue your growth and evolution with minimal distractions from lower external realms.