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Predictive Guidelines for Your Spiritual Evolution

Predictive Guidelines for Your Spiritual Evolution Laarkmaa through Pia Orleane & Cullen Smith

You have asked for our guidance and spiritual suggestions for moving forward in your evolutionary journey, and we are pleased to support you. Twenty twenty-three will be a year in which you will approximate more of the greater reality you may remember experiencing before you entered this earthly plane. You still have work to do on your evolutionary journey that we are certain each and every one of you can feel. However, you are also beginning to realize that the light is a larger power than the darkness; you are beginning to recognize that love overcomes fear, and you are beginning to live in a place where you recognize that in polarity you must have dark and light. The secret to peace is finding this balance. This is the process you are now experiencing; it is a simple yet not necessarily an easy process. However, it has joyous results!

As you open more and more in conscious awareness, you also develop the twelve strands of your DNA. With the energy that came in October 2022, there was a shift that many of you could feel at a conscious and cellular level. Many of you could tell that your bodies required you to do something different, or you could tell that your minds were letting go of old beliefs or old patterns of behavior. Everything shifted, subtly for most and in a very large way for others.