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Physical Transformation Has Begun

Physical Transformation Has Begun Speaks of Many Truths through Robert Shapiro

We have to do the predictions issue for the journal. Can you speak to that in any way at all? How are the changes on Earth coming? How can we accommodate them? Things like that

Let me see. A moment. The most important change is something that has continued to build. And that’s a sense of urgency in people. A sense of urgency is expressing itself in many ways. Mostly you see it around and about you when you’re with family. You’ve most likely seen it in your neighborhood as people buying products they don’t really need but think they might need or stocking up on products they don’t really need or that are afraid they won’t be able to get. That’s how it’s expressing itself in the most visual way that people can identify with now. But the sense of urgency is for something completely different.