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Let This Be a Year of Celebration

Let This Be a Year of Celebration The Makers of Dreams through Thelma Bodnar

Spirits soar nonstop this time of year, for it is in this season of light that most of the populace take stock of their lives and try to bring love and peace to each other. We don’t understand why this only goes into a full-on explosion of good deeds and goodwill to all humans at this time. Yes, we understand you celebrate the holidays in your individual ways, but shouldn’t that holiday wish for goodness be wrapped up and gifted year round?

Let’s take this season to share the outcome of your shining spirit and all that you are about to accomplish in a short period of time. The essence of these actions will command nuances that last all year. We’re not making promises of world peace here, but rest assured that changes are coming that will enhance your everyday life into an expansive and well-deserved rest.