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Keep the Promise of Peace on Earth

Keep the Promise of Peace on Earth The Star Councils through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The star councils come through a portal of concern to stand face-to-face with that which enlarges its borders beyond the known star boundary. Earth has been a renegade system for too long, puffing up with pride and stupidity. “Superiority” is a state of being greater or better than something or someone else. Any aspect of superiority comes with a long, hard fall from the peak of one’s very sharp shadow self. The year 2023 will bring many lessons that have lagged in coming to fruition. Mandates of truth are shadow dancing with the world, hiding what is in plain sight.

Actions and words contradict each other. Within the starry systems and councils, an equality lives with a quietness that remembers the times before the starry communions, the starry comradeship. Before time as you know it, there was great conflict in the skies that destroyed countless life forms, creating uncountable deaths throughout the galaxies. Entire civilizations are gone forever because many a ruling rooster puffed up to the point of no return, causing entire worlds to be eaten by time.