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Humanity Will Decide Its Fate

Humanity Will Decide Its Fate The Committee through Laura Scott

Dear ones, we of the Committee bring you infinite love, support, and encouragement from beyond the Pleiades. We are most happy to assist during these important earthly times, for your world is at a pivotal juncture. The power in each present moment is most precious and vital. We witness your spectrum of journeys with deep regard and hear your fervent calls for support. We offer perspective for your fast shifting times. We honor your request. You are not alone. You are experiencing a confluence of energies that are creating catalysts for rapid change.

These affect you all as a human species, a planetary ecosystem, and galactic members. Your power is in your breath. It creates light that heals and unites hearts. Heart linking creates powerful, sustained changes. Breathing deeply and exhaling fully is your duty of love. We call you to your duty, and ask you to do this faithfully, many times throughout your waking day. This will keep you more grounded, connected, and clear with higher frequencies at work.