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How to Not Lose Your Way

How to Not Lose Your Way Angel Raphael through Adria Estribou

Looking ahead, the year 2023 appears almost as if humankind is stepping back into primal instincts and losing its way. What do we say to beings who are about to lose their way? We could say, “Be afraid; you’re going to lose your way,” or we could say, “Each circumstance in your life brings you closer to your destination.” For example, say you’re walking toward China when you had meant to go to Japan. You will eventually come to the other side of the globe again and reach Japan. Even if the steps you take on a new journey seem to be leading you farther away to lands unknown, you will eventually get to the destination you desire.

Many teachers have said that wandering is part of the field, that the path itself is the journey, the love, the growth. That’s not exactly what we’re saying here. We’re saying that if you walk in any one direction long enough, you will reach your destination. Any effort, action, or movement you take brings you toward what you seek. If what you have in your heart is what you want, you cannot walk in one direction and end up farther away from your goal. If what you have in your heart is what you don’t want, then you can walk farther away from the thing you think you’re pointed toward.